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loveskins's Journal

Love Skins
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This is a community for Skins fan. Skins is a british drama/comedy television show that airs on channel E4. This is a community for posting graphics, pictures, videos, screencaps etc of Skins / any cast member in Skins, or the old cast of Skins. There might be the occasional icon challenge, if many people would like to have one. Feel free to create your own challenge, just make sure you keep up with it. If you love Skins, feel free to join!

There are no strict rules for the community. You are allowed to discuss the show, post images, videos and graphics as you want. Joining the community is necessary for posting, you do not have acess if you are not a member. You may promote your website, or community in this community, but please have it related somehow to Skins or a cast member. Also, please do not go overboard with promoting your site. Posts will be deleted if necessary.

• No basing Skins.
• No arguing, please respect opinions of others.

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